Monthly Snack Box

Monthly Snack Box

RULE THE SAVANNA as a Simply African VIP

Never miss an order again with our Monthly Snack Box. Take the worries out of ordering by selecting the flavours and snacks you like the most and receiving a regular monthly delivery automatically. You sign up - no contract required - and we'll send out your order the same time each month so you never run low on delicious Simply African biltong again.

As an extra bonus for our VIP customers we'll even top up your biltong stash with a FREE 500g bag of our original biltong every sixth delivery.

To become a Simply African VIP just select your favourite flavours and snacks and checkout like normal.

Packs or Slab

You'll get 500g of traditional sliced beef biltong.

Then add one of these...
One of these...
And one of these...




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